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Chef Simon Conyers

Back in 2016 I decided to quit my corporate career after 10 years sitting at a desk in the city, to pursue my life-long passion for food and cooking. I now work as the Head Chef for a private members club in the heart of London's Mayfair district, having been fortunate enough to learn the craft in some incredible kitchens as apprentice to some extremely talented chefs. 

I also organise and cook at supper clubs, and I am available to cater for private parties and events. In my spare time I collect cookbooks, dine out, design dishes & menus, and travel for inspiration. Cooking and food are at the heart of everything I do. 

In Summer 2019 I appeared on the BBC Two series 'The Chefs’ Brigade' - travelling Europe with a team of chefs of all abilities and backgrounds, being mentored by Jason Atherton as we learnt to cook and compete at an elite, Michelin star level.

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Cooking with a Conscience

Ethical Eating - My Philosophy of Food

All of us need to be increasingly mindful about how we cook and what we eat - minimising the impact we have on the planet, while being careful what we choose to put in our bodies.

My approach to food has always been to eat only what is in season and what can be sustainably sourced. Much of my cooking is vegetarian or vegan, and where animal produce is used it is sourced carefully to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare. My menus are always created from a starting point of "what produce is at its best right now, and available locally?" and  then each dish is developed to showcase these ingredients in a way that doesn't mask their natural flavours, textures and colours - allowing them to speak for themselves on the plate.

I love to travel, and I draw my inspiration from the countries and cultures I visit, incorporating flavours and techniques from around the world into a modern European style of cooking.

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Get in Touch

If you've got questions, business or project ideas, an upcoming event that needs catering for... or you just want to chat... send me a message. I'd love to hear from you. 

Feedback on my blog, recipes, videos and this website are all very welcome. 

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